Nozaka Hanae

アーティスト:Nozaka Hanae
アーティスト Nozaka Hanaeの、「『忙しない日々に物語を』をテーマに生み出される優しさに溢れた作品を、皆様に末永く楽しんでもらいたい。」
■■■■Nozaka Hanae

Artist: Nozaka Hanae
Flowers and trees, the animals were the main motif, draw a natural picture that is not decorated.
Delicate and carefully drawn one by one line was will not reflect the feelings that I put in the work.
In particular, pleasure to be awarded with the pleasure that give the work to be one, as gifts and welcome board, the work are worth.

Dimensional works, as well as works of semi-solid that assemble in the layer a picture that was drawn is divided into several pieces, you think as long as I can not wait the completion of the post-order.
Artists Nozaka Hanae, “” hectic works full of tenderness that produced the story “to the theme of every day, I want to enjoy for many years to come to everyone.”
Movies handling in Keytosmile to be generated from such concept, and we have been selling.